Meet Izzat Majeed, The Man Behind Sachal Studios

izzat majeed

My father gave me music when I was just five years (1955) and I was excited with my father’s compositions on all kind of music.

In 1958, he took me to Dave Brubeck’s Jazz next to our house (now Wapda Building). That got me. Then I was taken to Studios on School holidays where I learnt our compositions. Music from Aitchison, Govt College, and Oxford was helpful. The music continued when I was a lecturer at University of the Punjab, and I listened to all global music.

In 2002, I decided to bring all kind of our music and record it in various small studios in Lahore. My dear friend, Mushtaq Sofi, was my co- producer. The late Riaz Hussain was the wonderful composer and I learnt a lot from him.The Sachal Studios on Waris Road was getting ready (2005-2007) with the technicians of Abbey Road Studios London who were working at the Sachal Studios.

The recordings were with the local studios and then Sachal Studios Started recordings. The greatest composers and singers started Sachal Studios. Mian Sheheryar, Farida Khanum, Reshma, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan of Hyderabad, Hariharan, Mehnaz Begum, Ustad Nazar Hussain, Qadir Ali Shaggan, Riaz Ali Khan, Ataullah Essakhallvi, Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan.

The opening of Sachal Studios in 2007 with the latest technology and among the best is our sound Director. All of songs are the best in classical and popular songs. I started producing Jazz from 2009 onward.

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